Don’t you just love her journal with hand torn papers – perhaps hand made paper! Hmmm certainly gives the journal an added ambiance !


A tribute to my inspiring friend Lisette aka Mrs Beez, who always comes up with the best ideas for my wish list, sort of never letting it run out. She made me fall in love with bees of course, and I had to get them in different sizes. As it is the pumpkin season of the year, she made great series of pumpkins in different colours on her blog, and while we had over pumpkins today, she reminded me how tasty the honey glazed pumpkin is. So she made the pumpkins I add the honey.

I found a great sentiment as it is Sunday sentiment day over at inky-dinky-doodle, it’s an Indian one, somehow I found those so deeply connected to nature, it says: “there is no bee without the sting, cleverness consists in gathering the honey nevertheless”. There it goes, nature gives us its best…

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